O-Oh! Witches!


This fabulous ‘reveal book’ follows the curiosity of Sophie, a little girl who decides to spy on her mother’s afternoon tea party.

Sophie is an ordinary girl, with an ordinary mother who owns an ordinary shop. Or so she thinks. All that changes on the afternoon of her mother’s tea party at The Magic Store, when she sees… Witches! Lots of them!

From various hiding places, through a keyhole, a crack in the door and even hanging upside down in a chimney, Sophie sees magical things that she never thought were possible.

In pointy hats with dancing rats, with warty chins and toothless grins. There are abracadabras galore in store for Sophie as she gets a glimpse of a real witches’ party… O-Oh!

ILLUSTRATOR: Terry Whidborne
FORMAT: Soft or hard cover
FOR AGES: 2-6 years


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Ron Jon is a writer, narrator and singer. He has written and published children’s books; scripts and screenplays for animation and television; musical lyrics and libretti. Ron Jon is a student of strange phenomena/parapsychology, and children’s literature.

LANGUAGES: English and Mandarin and Bilingual (both languages together)
ISBN SOFT COVER: 978-0-6486966-3-6
ISBN HARD COVER: 978-0-6480935-7-2

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