O-Oh! Monsters!


This fabulous ‘reveal book’ follows brother and sister, Finn and Lucy, around their house as they have a surprising day packed full of monsters.

It all starts when one crawls out of a book. Then, before they know it, there are monsters everywhere. They’re hiding under the chair, then they’re in the shower and now they’re in the pool. There are monsters under their Dad’s desk eating his best books… What! They’re even tumbling around in the washing machine.

Finn and Lucy have never seen so many monsters.

No matter how nice and friendly these funny looking creatures are there’s just not going to be enough room for them in the house. They’re too big, too noisy, they look funny, they make a mess and… and… hang on! All these monsters look suspiciously like Finn and Lucy’s Dad. O-Oh!!

ILLUSTRATOR: Terry Whidborne
FORMAT: Soft or hard cover
FOR AGES: 2-6 years


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Ron Jon is a writer, narrator and singer. He has written and published children’s books; scripts and screenplays for animation and television; musical lyrics and libretti. Ron Jon is a student of strange phenomena/parapsychology, and children’s literature.

LANGUAGES: English and Mandarin and Bilingual (both languages together)
ISBN SOFT COVER: 978-0-6480935-6-5
ISBN HARD COVER: 978-0-6480935-8-9

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