O-Oh! Dinosaurs!


This fabulous “reveal book” follows the vivid imagination of Maxx, a little boy alone in his dark bedroom.

Under the safety of his blanket and clutching his teddy, Maxx sees and hears the strangest things! Maxx is normally very sensible. He rarely makes things up. He never sees dragons, or witches or monsters.

But then one night, all that changes when his room is invaded… by dinosaurs! Now, who’s walking through Maxx’s door? Is it one dinosaur or is it more? What a night it is, when Maxx’s, bedroom is overrun by dinosaurs! O-Oh!!

ILLUSTRATOR: Terry Whidborne
FORMAT: Soft or hard cover
FOR AGES: 2-6 years


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Ron Jon is a writer, narrator and singer. He has written and published children’s books; scripts and screenplays for animation and television; musical lyrics and libretti. Ron Jon is a student of strange phenomena/parapsychology, and children’s literature.

LANGUAGES: English and Mandarin and Bilingual (both languages together)
ISBN SOFT COVER: 978-0-6480935-1-0
ISBN HARD COVER: 978-0-6480935-5-8

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