Baby Tom on the Driveway (Where is Baby Tom?)


Where is Baby Tom? is not simply a children’s book, it is a learning tool. It teaches two of life’s most important lessons – how to be safe and to think for one’s self.

The Baby Tom stories encourage children from when they can walk, to be aware and to stay safe by recognising little dangers, before they become big catastrophes.

Baby Tom and Scout’s mayhem and close calamities shape each day, but become life enhancing, joyful and calming experiences by the time night falls. And they are also persuasive bedtime yarns, with each book ending … “There is a time for stories and a time for sleep…”

AUTHOR: Jennifer Scott Mitchell
ILLUSTRATOR: Leah Rose Srejber
FOR AGES: 1 to 5 years
FORMAT: Hardcover and Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-6488465-2-9

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Jennifer Scott Mitchell has 30 years experience in the film television and publishing industries.

The stories featuring Baby Tom and Scout are her second publishing venture.

She also founded and developed a leading edge publishing enterprise: The Books for Parents and Children with Felissimo Corporation (Kobe) and the Future Generations Foundation (Kyoto), working with an inventive team of Australian science and math graduates, PhD’s, teachers and philosophers to create 600 educational activities based on the Natural and the Built Environments, the Sciences, History, Culture and the Arts.

The activities were designed to encourage and inspire children to explore an all-embracing and interconnected world.

Jennifer has three children and lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

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Hard Cover, Soft Cover